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Case Study For John Umbrella Mart

AboutJohn Umbrella Mart:

Johns Umbrella has been manufacturing umbrellas for seventy years and was among the first Indian companies in the industry. They started in Kerala and worked hard to become a leading umbrella manufacturer in India.

Problem Statement:

  • John Umbrella faced challenges in managing their growing customer base and customer service operations due to reliance on paper-based systems. One major issue was the lack of a centralized system to store customer contacts, resulting in incomplete and unreliable data for marketing campaigns.
  • The absence of a standardized process made it difficult to nurture leads, follow up with customers, track lead sources, and send quotations to clients. Customer data was scattered across paper files, sales desks, and email inboxes, making it inefficient to identify repeat sales opportunities.
  • Managing various sales forms, such as credit applications, search criteria, and contracts, was also problematic. These forms were handled using Excel or Word, leading to multiple email exchanges to gather all the required information.


  • Customization: Cloud Experts worked with the team to customize Salesforce according to their specific needs. They added fields and workflows specific to their industry and sales processes.
  • Lead Management: Salesforce was set up to efficiently capture and track leads. Leads from different sources were automatically captured, assigned to the appropriate sales representatives, and tracked throughout the sales process.
  • Opportunity Tracking: Salesforce provided a single view of all sales opportunities, allowing the sales teams to effectively monitor and manage their pipeline. They could update opportunity stages, record activities, and collaborate with team members in real-time.
  • Quotation Sending Functionality: Customizable quotation PDF and streamlined sending process.
  • Customer Relationship Management: Salesforce became the central hub for all customer data. Sales representatives could easily access customer information, such as education history, work history, required document checking, and application tracking, to personalize their interactions and make informed decisions.
  • Reports and Dashboards: Salesforce’s reports and dashboard features allowed John Umbrella to gain valuable insights into their sales performance. They could generate customized reports, track important inquiries, and identify areas for improvement.

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