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Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Designed specifically for managing and operating marketing campaigns Salesforce Marketing cloud has all the things that a seasoned marketer may need; intuitive channel campaign management, robust analytics, and awesome feature rich CRM.

What Can You Do With Marketing Cloud?

The Salesforce Marketing Cloud offers comprehensive solutions for managing client journeys, including mobile, email, social media, web personalization, advertising, content management, content creation, and data analysis.

It provides a powerful platform that enables advertisers to streamline personalized campaigns across various devices and channels, resulting in exceptional efficiency and success.

Furthermore, it includes user-friendly tools that simplify the implementation of marketing and analytics strategies based on customer behavior insights.

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Marketing Cloud Features

Marketing Cloud Connect

  • The main objective is to create a strong bond between the client and the brand.
  • Personalized content is provided at each touchpoint to enhance the customer experience.
  • The goal is to make customers feel valued and appreciated.
  • The Marketing Cloud platform enables the creation of integrated customer experiences.
  • Customization services play a crucial role in delivering tailored interactions.

Analytics Builder

Gain valuable insights into the actions and preferences of your contacts across various channels with the help of Analytics Builder. Leverage these insights to establish marketing objectives and enhance customer experiences.

Key Features Of Analytics Builder Include:

  • Evaluate the engagement and performance of your email campaigns effectively.
  • Customize dashboard views to visualize data through flexible tables, charts, and graphs.
  • Utilize the Collect feature to observe contact behaviors like clicks and purchases.
  • Develop targeted audiences based on predictive behavior models.
  • Monitor every interaction within a customer journey and assess progress towards your desired outcome in a unified interface within Journey Builder.

In addition to Analytics Builder, Marketing Cloud provides a wide range of standard reports for Data Management and Analytics purposes. These reports allow you to track the efficacy of your campaigns. You have the option to run reports manually or schedule them to run automatically, as well as select the recipients for these reports.


Content Builder

Introducing Content Builder:

  • A cross-channel content management tool for consolidating images, documents, and content in one location.
  • Designed for use in the Marketing Cloud, streamlining your marketing efforts.
  • Features an easy-to-use, drag and drop interface for increased efficiency.

With The New Editor, You Can:

  • Save time with the user-friendly interface.
  • Create professional emails without HTML knowledge.
  • View real-time changes to email content with the always-present preview.
  • Utilize intelligent HTML Paste tools, including color coding and line numbers.
  • Insert code snippets for common links like “Forward to a Friend” and “Open Tracking.”

The Content Repository Allows You To:

  • Leverage global search and filtering tools with a new content properties framework.
  • Easily search and filter for specific emails.
  • Add tags and campaign associations to organize related content.
  • Make edits to all your content within the application.

In Summary, Content Builder Offers:

  • Consolidation of images, documents, and content.
  • User-friendly interface with drag and drop functionality.
  • Time-saving features and intelligent HTML Paste tools.
  • Enhanced search, filtering, and organization capabilities.
  • Streamlined content management within a single application.

Personalization Builder

Personalization Builder is a Marketing Cloud application that encompasses Web Recommendations and Email Recommendations.

Key Elements Of Personalization Builder, Which Are As Follows:

  1. Catalog: The catalog serves as a repository for all the metadata associated with the data collected from the website. This data can be obtained through a daily flat-file upload or by utilizing a JavaScript snippet called Streaming Updates. It is essential that each call captured by Collect corresponds to a record in the catalog.

  2. Collect: Collect is a compact JavaScript snippet, consisting of a single pixel, designed to capture data pertaining to both known subscribers and anonymous visitor behavior on your website. It tracks the products and content that each visitor views, the items they add to their cart, and the products they ultimately purchase. Collect operates at the ID level and must be linked to a catalog.

  3. Personalization Builder Data Extensions: These data extensions are actionable in nature and are used within Personalization Builder. They encompass views, purchases, profiles, as well as product or content information.

  4. Einstein Web Recommendations: Einstein Web Recommendations offer personalized suggestions based on user behavior. These recommendations are displayed on websites and mobile applications through an API.

  5. Einstein Email Recommendations: Utilizing user behavior and machine learning, Einstein Email Recommendations generate personalized suggestions that can be incorporated into emails through an image and link pair.

  6. Status Console: The Status Console provides monitoring capabilities for both the Collect Tracking Code and the catalog import process, enabling the detection of common implementation errors


Audience Builder

Its objective is to segment your mailing list and help you better target the opportunities through deeper understanding of customer attributes and behavior.

Important Points Are Listed Below :

  • Segment your subscribers in multiple ways using Marketing Cloud Audience Builder.
  • Leverage advanced segmenting to enhance the precision of your email sends.
  • Gain immediate and in-depth understanding of your customer attributes and behavior.
  • Audience Builder is compatible with any Marketing Cloud account type.
  • Enterprise 2 configurations offer additional features in Audience Builder, including business unit filters.

Journey Builder

Salesforce Journey Builder offers a comprehensive view of consumer interactions across various marketing channels, encompassing email, mobile, social ads, and more. Through the integration of these diverse actions and conversations, you gain a deeper understanding of your customers, enhance message creation, design and automate campaigns, deliver a seamless customer experience, and foster customer loyalty.

Throughout the customer journey, there are numerous interactions that can occur between the customer and your brand, including:

  1. Clicking on an advertisement
  2. Opening an email
  3. Making a purchase or utilizing a service
  4. Returning a previously bought product
  5. Engaging in conversation with a customer care representative
  6. Downloading a white paper
  7. Redeeming a coupon

Journey Builder incorporates useful features, including:

  1. User-friendly drag-and-drop interface
  2. Entry and filter criteria to facilitate efficient progression through steps
  3. Various powerful add-ons, such as SalesWings’ lead scoring for Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Litmus for email compatibility assurance.

How does Journey Builder facilitate the creation of a seamless customer experience?

  1. Guiding the customer journey
  2. Unifying messaging across multiple channels
  3. Adapting to customers’ evolving needs
  4. Harnessing distributed marketing

By enabling the construction of both simple and intricate customer journeys, Salesforce Journey Builder empowers you to deliver personalized experiences, leading to heightened customer satisfaction and retention.

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