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Case Study For Allsec Technologies

About Allsec Technologies :

Allsec Technologies is a top global company that provides outsourcing solutions. They offer strong business transformation services to big industry players, Fortune 100 companies, and organizations focused on growth.

They have over 4,000 full-time employees in 5 contact centers located in the US, Philippines, and India. Every day, we handle more than 1 million customer interactions through various channels. Our goal is to empower each client with advanced technology to achieve their targets quickly.

Our service model is known for delivering excellent service, high quality, and inspiring success stories in business transformation.

Problem statement :

Allsec’s outstanding customer service helped them gain more market share. However, as their customer base grew, managing everything on paper became challenging.

One major challenge was managing customer contacts. Without a centralized system, contacts were stored in Outlook, resulting in incomplete data and unreliable lists for marketing campaigns.

The absence of a standardized process made lead nurturing, customer follow-up, and lead source tracking difficult. Customer data was scattered across paper files, sales desks, and inboxes, making it inefficient to identify repeat sales opportunities.

Managing various sales forms like credit applications, search criteria, and contracts was another problem. These forms were handled in Excel or Word, requiring multiple email exchanges to gather all the necessary information.

Finding a Solution:

Allsec began searching for a CRM solution to centralize lead capture and streamline the sales cycle. They considered various CRM options like ZOHO and Sugar CRM.

However, they soon realized that a CRM system alone wouldn’t meet their needs. They required a more powerful solution that could generate PDF contracts, collect complex data through forms, and provide extensive customization options to align with their business processes.

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