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Case Study For Writer Relocation Packers & Movers.

About Writer Relocation Packers & Movers :

Writer Relocation Packers and Movers Mumbai is a trusted moving and packing company. They have a lot of experience and are certified. Their main office is in Mumbai. They offer complete packing and moving services for all cities in India. They care a lot about your belongings, whether it’s office items, commercial goods, or things from your home.
They are one of the best Packers and Movers companies in India. They have 56 offices all over the country. In their 11+ years of business, they have made over 6000 customers happy.

Problem Statement:

  • A few years ago, they began exploring different CRM software options. They chose Salesforce CRM because it was user friendly, customizable, and cost-effective. However, setting it up and customizing it for his business was challenging. They realized they needed professional help and started searching for a company to customize his Salesforce CRM according to Their business requirements.
  • They wanted to automate lead generation and create personalized reports and dashboards for their company informations. They wanted to set up the contract management after closing one opportunity.
  • Their integration requirements were also looked challenging with Infosmart, CBS, Pardot and all.

After talking to a couple of companies, They learned about Cloud Experts and decided to work with them to make the project successful after some discussions.

Finding a solution :

Writer Relocation began searching for a CRM solution to simplify lead capture and streamline sales. They considered various options like ZOHO and Sugar CRM.
However, they soon realized that a regular CRM system wouldn’t meet all their needs. They required a more powerful solution to generate contracts, handle complex form data, Integration with various softwares and customize the CRM to align with their business process.

Solution Offered :

# Implementation of Salesforce CRM with customization specific to Writer Relocation.
# Developing forms for capturing customer information directly into the CRM system
# Developing Contract Generation functionality as a condition to integrate data in other systems
# And Many more

How the System Helped Them:

  • Writer Relocation benefited from implementing the CRM system by centralizing customer data
    and streamlining their business process.
  • The CRM system enabled direct capture of leads, making the follow-up and sales cycle more efficient.
  • Streamlining the sales process reduced customer acquisition costs for Autociel, allowing them to invest more in marketing activities and acquire more customers.
  • They were able to centralize customer data, allowing them to identify repeat sales opportunities
    and run targeted campaigns.

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